About Primordial Patterns

Primordial Patterns are customized images of the Mandelbrot set, the most famous fractal.

Mandelbrot set images tend to an organic look, with repeating patterns that are self-similar: variations that look almost the same, but not quite identical. Image patterns vary from spiky to curly to wavy, and everything in between, varying by location around the Mandelbrot set. These various patterns naturally layer, pattern upon pattern, when probing deep into the Mandelbrot set.

The images can be colorized to any mood: somber, joyful, dignified or silly. Images may be shockingly bold, or so subdued as to merely hint at a delicate, intricate interleave.

The artist, Gary Odom, is adept at producing images to specification: color scheme, mood, complexity, and other compositional qualities.

Images can be generated to practically any size or resolution quality (such as 300 dpi), and in whatever format, including TIFF and JPEG.

Fractal calculation is mathematically intense, demanding computing power to drill deeply, where the richer patterns lie.

Primordial Pattern fractals are developed using a network of custom high-end servers, comprising a total of 32 processing cores. The computer shown is River, the primary fractal machine. River is a custom-built liquid-cooled computer, with four quad-core processors.


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