Organic Mandelbrot fractal images for your computer desktop, home, and office. Gorgeous framed canvas prints, any size, yours for 44 US per square inch, which includes shipping in the continental United States. Unframed paper 33. Inquire by email.

Hover the cursor over one of the thumbnail images below, and the banner image in the center changes. Click on a thumbnail to download a 2560 x 1600 fractal image. Click here to download all images in the collection. Windows users: create a desktop slide show of your favorite fractals using Wallpaper Master.

Commercial licenses for fractals are available on negotiable terms, including pattern exclusivity and royalty rate. Ordinary objects and fabrics become works of art when imbued with a primordial pattern. More information.

  beachle amarettoboso euoy hillid azarn rotadatt chaidai waveon
  dabdi concave curvator discfi tombo terresa ditditya currency
  tethered divortion forestal dalooka freedor debutalis doitally gedoo
  glide mardeline muswirla glowdon jadanti molemou krinshinda meloni
  labyrotata energetic paezing delicacy spilled milk roundabout pillowed raidanceale
  radian raishine lander circulation reelati ovaline rideon rolling
  learned rondo tictac shadalu sholmes the final frontier circumspect sparks
  taladee cricklit tashnashinu council blinan flyline teabora thefa
  touch lambrasee emergence dinlappi stained glass triglandal ahli tri-state
  undula albiditti leaving clokette jiradin pilgrim decadium tunedin
  blueroot watusi figureminitive citadel web burst labani xuahakin doublevision
  bidop curlv ragnetic field wheelance city of lights shaki fabric valhalla


          2011 Gary Odom